Use and Maintenance

Sometimes it has remained without batteries in your vehicle? The solution commonest to leave this one critical moment is the use of a cable to make bridge with another one vehicle. 

To make take a vehicle by means of a bridge, because the battery is unloaded, usually is used starter cables. In order to do surely it follows it the following steps:

The starter cables is necesary for start a vehicle when the battery is unloaded.


1. To make sure that in both vehicles, the negative tip of its battery is connected to earth.

2. To make sure that the two batteries have the same nominal voltage, that is to say, that both batteries are of 12 or 24 volts.

3.Verifying that the vehicles are not touched, that both are restrained with the hand brake, both are with the gear box in NEUTRAL and with the starting On guard of disconnect.

4. To add water distilled to the elements that need it.

The battery clamps can be of plates or fused brass.


5. With the clamps of starting of the RED cable, to connect with firmness the positive tip of the battery in good state, to the positive tip of the unloaded battery.

6. With the clamp of starting of the BLACK cable, to firmly connect the negative tip of the battery in good state to a part of metal without painting of the motor that has the unloaded battery. When doing this final connection, will take place a spark, therefore, it is important to make this connection more far possible of the battery or any fuel flight.

7. To make take the motor of the vehicle that has the unloaded battery.

8. To try to make take the vehicle of the unloaded battery. If it does not start immediately, to leave in march the motor of the vehicle that has the battery in good state, during some minutes, before again trying to make take the motor.

Starting cable with clamps of plates for start the battery of the car.


9. To clear the clamps of emergency in inverted order, that is, the first clamp of the BLACK cable of the motor, to avoid a spark in the battery.

10. The clamp of starting of RED color and the clamp of starting of the BLACK cable never must be in contact with the enemy to each other

11. To maintain cables and the moved away hands of the ventilator and strap.

12. It does not forget to signalize the sector in where made this maneuver.

13. Make always this maneuver in ventilated places.