Use and Maintenance

The halogenous projectors of light must be placed of different form depending on the zone that is going away to illuminate and the use that is going away to give to him this zone.

The main fields of application of the illumination with halogenous projectors are: 

The halogen projector TECNOCEM are made with the norms of the CEE.

1 - Illumination of work areas of industrial areas

The areas of work or industrialists is great outdoors located zones, like zones in construction, parkings, loading platforms, ports, parking, etc... The halogenous projectors of work usually settle to each other grouped in separated high posts of 1' the 5 to 3 meters, facilitating therefore movements in the work zone. 

This way, also the lights outside the angle of view are able to diminish the problem of the glare when being. In these facilities usually they are used sodium lamps to high pressure and those of metallic halogenuros.

Halogen lamps illuminating correctly a zone of construction.


2 - Illumination of buildings and monuments

Although the buildings have been designed to see themselves by day with the light pave, interesting effects can be obtained at night and with a suitable illumination that attract the attention of the passers-by on such. It is question to apply imagination, creativity, aesthetic and technical to each particular case.

To time of illumination buildings with halogen projectors it necessary to distinguish two cases:

In the first place the functional buildings, with simple facades without remarkable decorative elements, like the typical buildings of crystal facades, where a uniform illumination is applied, of flat aspect and without relief. They have the advantage which few points of light are needed although the situation of the halogenous projectors, far from the building, can be a disadvantage.

Illumination with halogen projectors in a functional building.

Secondly we have the buildings with remarkable architectonic elements like cornices, frisos, reliefs, etc... that need a special treatment, an illumination does not uniform, that heightens these elements and creates an impression of relief by means of games of lights and shades, resistances of color and/or brightness, etc. For it, projectors of work placed strategically in the facade are used trying to diminish the damages in the same one.

Useful advice before beginning are to study the directions and observed range that will serve to determine where to place the halogenous projectors. To analyze the environmental luminance considering that while greater she is this, greater will be the necessary luminance so that the building emphasizes. To see what obstacles there are presents in the direction of observation like trees, fences, fences, etc.; in these cases he is recommendable to put the centers of light between the building and the obstacles so that their silhouettes are only seen. To increase the luminance of the high part of the building to increase its height apparent, to eliminate shades wished with projectors located on the facade or not increasing the distance of these to the facade, to take advantage of the effect mirror on the water, etc. 

Halogenous projectors illuminating a building with remarkable architectonic elements


The luminance levels depend on the characteristics of the used materials (reflectance, texture and color) and of the luminance of the environs. As a example we can mention that the illumination that needs the calcárea stone is of 40-320 lux, the granite of 50-500 lux or the brick of 30-500 lux. As we can see, they are very ample intervals whose values depend on each particular case.

The lamps to use very are varied and depend on the effects that we want to obtain. Most normal it is to use metallic mercury lamps to high pressure, halogenuros (when a good reproduction of the color is required) or sodium steam (material stony of warm tones).

Another form to illuminate a building with placed halogenous projectors in different places.


3 - Applications in road lighting system

In this field the halogenous projectors are reserved for the illumination of seat, communications centers, parking and in general of any other situation where the installation of traditional lights supposes complications for the direction, technical difficulties, etc. They present/display the advantage of which they simplify to the installation to the salary less points of light and produce one more a more uniform and pleasant illumination.

Halogenous centers illuminating a street with an illumination uniform and pleasant.


4 - Illumination of sports instalation 

The objective to illuminate with halogenous projectors the sport facilities or is inner or outer it is to offer an atmosphere adapted for the practice and benefit of sport activities by part of players and public. Logically, the exigencies will vary according to the type of installation (recreation, training or competition) and the level of activity (amateur, professional or broadcasting by television).

To illuminate this type of facilities is not easy, because there is to make sure that the players and other sprites are perfectly visible independently of their size, position in the field, speed and trajectory. For that reason the value of the horizontal iluminancia like the vertical is important as much, although actually this last one only considers in the televising broadcastings where a good one is necessary modeled that it emphasizes the forms of the bodies.

Halogenous lamps illuminating the polideportivo pavilion according to its sport necessities.

In order to avoid glare problems that make difficult the normal development of the game, specially in sports where there is to watch upwards, it agrees to take measures like installing screened lights, reducing to the number of light points grouping the halogenous projectors or to avoid perpendicularly to place them to the main line of sight. He is advisable to mount the light sources to a suitable height; for the case of outer facilities and sight from the center of the field, the angle formed by the horizontal plane and the axis of any halogenous projector of the battery must be superior to 25º.

The lamps to use will depend on the purpose of the installation. In competition facilities, lamps of metallic halogenuros by their high benefits are used. But in other cases it can be enough with halogenous lamps or of mercury and sodium to high pressure; more sales.

Correct halogenous illumination not to bother the clients of a gymnasium.


The lights, in outer facilities, are arranged normally in towers placed in the lateral ones, the corners of the field or a combination of both. In the first case rectangular projectors are used whose projection on the land has trapezial form obtaining like added value a good one modeled of the bodies. In the second case the circular ones are used that gives a projection in elliptical form.