Use and Maintenance

In order to use the portable lamps correctly and surely we indicated following advice to them:

- The cable of the feeding of the portable lamp will be perfectly isolated and it will stay in perfect state of conservation.

- The tension of feeding for works in ditches, wells and galleries will not be superior to 24V.

Reinforces portable work lamp, for use in factories.


- In those cases in that the portable lamp must work to more of 24V it will use like minimum one of the following protections:

* Insulating gloves.

* Portable tools of double isolation.

* Portable tools with Earth return.

* Use of relays differentials.

The insulating gloves are one of the security elements that are due to use when the portable lamp works to but of 24V.


- Protective control insulating, devices of lamp, conductor with suitable isolation will be provided with and sufficient mechanical resistance.

- Ordinary lamps like portable are not due to use.

Portable lamp of work for factories, do-it-yourself work... with housing and switch.


Security material.

Las portable lamps are one of the security materials that are due to use for the works in facilities of low tension, and will always have to go accompanied of the following material of security:

- Insulating Gloves of low tension.

- Insulating Sidewalks or carpets.

- Insulating Cases and pointed hoods.

- Discriminating Testers or of tension.

- Isolated tools.

Kit of security to work with portable lamps that work to but of 24V.


- Material of signaling (discs, barriers, pennants, etc.).

- Transforming of security to 24V.

- Transforming of separation of circuits.