Use and Maintenance


- To cut the electrical current.

- To cause a short circuit.

- Isolated of the side of the electrical current and the earth side, to separate the victim of the conductor.

- To begin the resuscitation (mouth to mouth and cardiac massage), trying that the time of performance is the minimum since when takes more in reacting less possibilities of saving the victim will have

The reanimation must be made as rapidly as possible so that the victim can react




- Electrical systems of low tension are considered those in which the nominal tensions are inferior to 1000V.

- Before initiating works in low tension it will be come to identify the conductor or electrical system where it must work.

- All electrical system will be considered low tension while the opposite with apparatuses does not demonstrate itself destined to the effect.

- Metallic stairs for works with tension are not due to use.

Electrical works are not due to make in places where there is stored material inflammable.


- Works with tension are not due to make in the premises where material inflammable explosives exist or.

- The works in electrical systems of low tension in those cases that by proximity or cross other facilities can make contact accidentally with enemy with these, or will eliminate the possibility of contact by means of screens, grates, etc.., or will have to become disconnected and to ground in short circuit and the installation of low tension.

- In the premises humid, wet or of atmosphere explosive the devices of maneuver of low tension they must be driven being placed the worker on a platform of isolated material, which does not have to keep in the premises of the characteristics before mentioned.

All electrical work must be made fulfilling the security norms.


- To replace fuses in an electrical system of low tension whenever it is possible it will let the same tension.

- The use of naked conductors will be avoided.

- It prohibit the use of switches of blades that properly are not protected.

- The earth takings will leave more of 3m of wells and water obstacles.

- A receiver fed by a transformer on 24V will not be placed to earth.

The very dangerous pylons are place, that only must manipulate the experts.



To isolate the part in which one is going away to work of any possible feeding by means of the opening of the apparatuses of block system next to the zone of work.

To block On guard of opening each one of the block system apparatuses placing in its control a signboard with the prohibition of maneuver.

To verify by means of a checker the absence of electrical tension.

To signalize suitably the prohibition to restitute electrical tension due to the work accomplishment.

The service when finalizing will not settle down the works without verifying that danger does not exist some.

In the own place of work it is recommended:

- Verification of the absence of electrical tension.

- In the case of aerial networks it will be come to the putting in short circuit.

- To delimit the zone of work suitably signalizing it.

The rotating lights can be a good signaling of the zone of work.



To be placed on insulating objects (insulating carpets, sidewalks, stairs, etc.).

use insulating helmets, gloves, protective goggles, isolated tools and appropriate clothes without metallic accessories.

To previously isolate the other conductors in tension, next to the work place, even the neutral one.

When the work is made to install an accountant with electrical tension, in addition to the personal protective equipment, it is necessary to verify the correspondence of the entrance tips and exit of each phase. Also it will be verified if the installation of the subscriber is cortocircuitada, verifying if there is return tension before connecting each new thread of exit.