Use and Maintenance

When the fluorescent light is broken is possible that it takes place a poisoned for inhalation or contact with the skin with salts of beryllium or mercury, found in some of the fluorescent lamps

The fluorescent lamps must be manipulated with much well-taken care.


The symptoms that the poisoned produces for contact with the broken pieces of the fluorescent lamps are:

By beryllium salts:

  • in all the body
    • toracico pain
    • fever

  • respiratory
    • lack of breath
    • cough

  • in eyes, ears, nose and throat
    • nose with snots
  • in skin
    • bluish lips and nails
    • eruption that itches (prurito)

  • stomach problems
    • loss of weigth

Fluorescent lamps exist of differents colors.

By mercury:

  • in all body
    • thirst
    • metallic flavor
    • production of tinkles disminished
    • absence of production of tinkles
    • excessive salivation
    • areas reddened and inflamed in the mouth
    • shock

  • respiratory
    • extreme respiratory difficulty
    • in eyes, ears, nose and throat
    • inflammation in the throat until de point to obstruct if


  • stomach problems

    • abdominal pain (hard)
    • vomit
    • diarrea (sanguinolenta)


Note: the symptoms mentioned in the case of salts of beryllium and mercury are caused by chronic exhibition or prolonged exhibition to the agent. A exhibition only only cause possibly irritation in the mouth and the skin. 

Portable fluorescent light special for use in vehicles and machinery.

Treatment in the home:

The areas exposed to the fluorescent lamp with water are due to wash. If the beryllium salts or mercury interfered, it is due to call to the Control center of poisoned or to a hospital to obtain additional aid. 

Before calling to the service of emergency:

Information that is due to consider:

  • age, weight and condition of the patiend

  • name of the products wiche its components and potence

  • hour in wich it was ingested

  • ingested amount


Number or control center of Envenenamientos of local emergency:

The personnel of the Control center of Poisoneds will inform if it is necessary to take the patient to the hospital. (To see telephone numbers and directions of the Control centers of Poisoned). The lamp is due to take to the room of emergencies.

It exisist a lot of models of fluorescents lamps of differents forms and measures


What it is possible to be hoped in the room of emergencies:

They are possible to be made some or all the following procedures:

  • by beryllium salts:

    • to indicate rest in bed
    • to provide an antidote
    • to make gastric washing
    • to treat the symptoms


  • by mercury:

    • to induce the emesis
    • to administer vegetal coal activated
    • to administer cathartic (used medicine to evacuate the internal)
    • to provide an antidote
    • to treat the symptoms



The death takes place with little frequency, but the recovery can take months.