Use and Maintenance

The multiple security of the cable stretchers and bases, leave to much with. 

To thus they demonstrate to the tests made by the OCU, published in the last number it of its Masterful OCU-Compra magazine (January 2003). According to the Organization of Consumers and Users, 11 of the 15 analyzed stretchers uses cables that the thickness adapted for the maximum power does not have that their manufacturers indicate. In those conditions, it is easy that an overload takes place and, in the worse one of the cases, a fire.

Cable box Tecnocem made with the CEE norms.

The use of electrical cable stretchers and multiple plugs (multiple bases) is very frequent since these devices allow to multiply the number of current takings which it has in house and to approach them the places where they are needed. The OCU was asked if all the products that are sold with this aim respond to the minimum exigencies of security in agreement with the existing regulation.

After acquiring in the stores 20 cable stretchers and multiple bases of marks different and different types (with and without cable stretcher, different number of takings, etc.), the technicians of Masterful OCU-Compra came to review the indications that give their manufacturers and to make tests of electrical security and resistance being obtained the following conclusions:

Cable coiler specially designed for do-it-yourself work and factories.

Little information to the consumer: of the 20 stretchers of cables and reviewed multiple bases, 16 not even included minimum instructions of use, unforgivable absence in a product that, if it is used bad, can have problems of security with serious consequences.

Exaggerated maximum power: according to the regulation, it is obligatory that the electrical accessories (coilers of cables, electrical plugs...) indicate the Maxima intensity of current that can circulate around them and the power that, based on that intensity, can support. In a multiple plug, the maximum power indicates the limit of the added powers of the different apparatuses that we connect in them.

Cable box coiler specially designed for the hard work treatment, factories,...

The majority of the studied cable stretchers indicated 3,500 W and some up to 3,600 W of maximum power. This means, for example, that a heating engineer of 2,000 could be fitted calmly in them W of power and one irons to 1,500 steam of W. As the OCU could verify later, these indications are exaggerated.

The multiple plugs indicate a maximum power between 2,200 and 3,500 W, although after retiring the isolations, the experts of the magazine of the OCU could verify at the most that, in most of the cases, the section of the inner copper conductors was of only 1 mm2, adapted for a 2,970 power of W according to the Electrotechnic Regulation for Low effective Tension at the moment at which the multiple plugs were acquired. Therefore, he was insufficient for that the manufacturers indicated like maximum power of their products. All of them were eliminated of the analysis by uncertain.

On the other hand, the multiple bases did not present so serious problems of electrical security.

Cable stretcher made following the effective norm in the European Economic Community.

The OCU advises:

- Consult the maximum power in the plate of characteristics of the apparatuses that it tries to fit, add them and to verify that the total is below the maximum power marked in the multiple plug.

- not to connect apparatuses that warm up, like heating engineers, great termoventiladores, plates or household-electric dryers nor (washing,...);

- Not to use the multiple cable stretchers and bases in the bathroom or humid zones;

- When one is going away to unplug the multiple cable coilers or plugs, to throw of the plastic pin, never of the cable;

- Not to use broken thieves or stretchers or with bare cables that leave the conductors in the open.

In order to finalize we want to indicate to them that all products TECNOCEM have been made according to the effective norms in economic Community the European EEC. Although if it has some doubt we recommended to him that it is put in contact with us in the email: